A mapping has to be made from the project ID’s of the dataset that will be uploaded and the projects in the application. By linking external project ID’s to the projects in the application, the right data will be interfaced to the right project.

After opening the ‘Mapping external projects’ screen, two grids are shown. On the left the projects are shown that are currently in the application. On the right the external projects ID’s are shown per project.

 When you select a project in the left grid by clicking on it, the right grid will show the external project ID’s that are linked to the selected project. You can add a new external project ID to a project by clicking the ‘Add row’ button in the top right of the screen. This will automatically add a new row the external project ID grid and you can enter the desired external project ID. Click outside the grid to save it or press the Enter key. It is possible to assign more than 1 external project ID’s to a single project in the application.

In the example below, the external project ID ‘6225’ is linked to the project called ‘Project Marcel’. All data that will be uploaded with the external project ID 6225 will therefore interfaced with ‘Project Marcel’.

Graphical user interface

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