After determining the mapping of the projects, the cost lines need to be mapped. On the ‘Mapping cost lines’ screen, All lines of your financial structure are mapped to the lines of the data that you will upload. Usually, any data dump from a external (administrative) system contains an ID for a specific line. These external cost line ID’s are used to map those values to the right line in the financial structure of the application.

The concept of this screen is similar to the ‘Mapping external projects’ screen. When you select line of your financial structure in the left grid by clicking on it, the right grid will show the external cost line ID’s that are linked to the selected line of the financial structure.
 You can add a new external cost line ID’s to a cost line by clicking the ‘Add row’ button in the top right of the screen. This will automatically add a new row the external cost line ID grid and you can enter the desired external cost line ID. Click outside the grid to save it or press the Enter key. It is possible to assign more than 1 external cost line ID’s to a single line of the financial structure.

In the example below, the external cost line ID’s ‘111110’ and ‘111110.1’ are linked to the line ‘Acquistion land and/or premises’ in the application. All data that is uploaded with the ID’s 111110 and 111110.1 will be therefore be interfaced with the ‘Acquistion land and/or premises’.

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