Download files

This will show the steps on how to download a file from the hosted network, to your own local machine.

  1. You can see your documents folder. You can reach your documents by clicking on the folder with your name or via click on "Documents" at the bottom right:



  1. You will be transferred to a new tab – “Folders and files” where your folders and files are located:


  1. To download file from Reasult Cloud to your own network:

- Select File

- Click Download

- Your browser download prompt will show


The file is now locally available.




Upload function

This will show the steps on how to upload files from your local computer to the Reasult Cloud.

To upload file from your own network to Reasult Cloud you can choose for three options:

- use button “Select a folder”

- use button “Select files”

- drag file from your own network into upload screen:

If upload is successful, the name of a file will turn green and it will be immediately visible in the Reasult Cloud:

The file will be available on your personal H drive on the Cloud.

General remarks

All de documents en files that you have on your H-drive are viewed one by one within tab – “Folders and files”.


In the application can be downloaded. Depending on the application, the file will be opened directly or visible in the download folder.

Then the file can be saved to the personal H - drive. After that, the file will automatically become visible within the WebDev Portal.