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  • 13 Reporting
    FP&A has reporting on two levels: Overall, general reports (see picture below). This output relates to the whole application (for example user roles) or to multiple Financial Plans.         To do this, go to Reports – Generic in the navigation panel. Example - Screen: Reporting – Gene...
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  • 12 Tasks
    Dependent on the role(s) of the user, different tasks may be of relevance. The FP&A application visualizes these tasks on the homepage in the Tasks tile (see picture below). Example - Screen: Homepage with Tasks By clicking on the homepage on the Tasks, the user navigates to the Tasks ...
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  • 11 Close and archive financial plan
    When all Financial Plans within the Enterprise have been approved (see chapter 10), the Financial Plan can be closed and archived on Enterprise level.  This chapter describes how to close and archive a financial plan.   11.1 Close a financial plan When all Financial Plans within the Enter...
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  • 10 Review and approval of Financial Plans
    After composing the Financial Plan for a given Entity, the plan can be submitted for approval by the Financial Controller. An appointed reviewer (defined by User Roles by Entity) analyzes the plan and thereafter approves or rejects it. This creates a workflow in which all Financial Plans in the ...
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  • 9 Financial Plan definition per Entity
    For defining the Financial Plan of an Entity, the Financial Controller first selects the appropriate Financial Plan on the homepage. Next, the Financial Controller selects the correct Entity by clicking on the name of the currently selected Entity on the screen (see picture below). Example - ...
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  • 7 Create and edit Financial plan
    A financial plan is created by the Global Administrator for all entities within the company. After creating a financial plan, various editing possibilities are there. This chapter describes how to create and edit a financial plan.   7.1 Create a financial plan From the Home screen, the G...
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