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With our service desk portal we can handle notifications (tickets) quickly. You can easily follow the status of your ticket, see all previous tickets and understand the response times. In addition, you will find relevant information such as FAQs, software manuals and releases on this portal. In short, everything is clearly organised in one place.

Recent articles

  • Release Notes
    Release 3.1, released 2021-11-25 DescriptionImpacted areas Profit & Loss and Balance sheet have been added to the financial statements Financial statements Revenue & cost recognition on Enterprise, Entity and Project level have been added. In template the revenue & cost recognition...
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  • Import jobs
    Final step is to actually upload the Excel file that is filled with data. Open the ‘Import jobs’ screen and click ‘Create import job’. A window will be opened which is pre-filled with the data that has been entered on the ‘Default job settings’.  You can enter a name for this job and set the da...
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  • Reports
    Reasult Projects offers a standard report which provides a summary of a project. A report can be created in the 'Reports' section in the menu. In order to create a report, you need to select a project first. After selecting a project, you can select the desired scenario. Th...
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  • Download import template
    Once the mapping is in place, the data from the external (administrative) system can be prepared for uploading it to the application.  Open the ‘Download import template’ screen and click on the download button. An Excel template will be downloaded automatically. This template is used to upload ...
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  • Mapping cost lines
    After determining the mapping of the projects, the cost lines need to be mapped. On the ‘Mapping cost lines’ screen, All lines of your financial structure are mapped to the lines of the data that you will upload. Usually, any data dump from a external (administrative) system contains an ID for a...
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  • Mapping external projects
    A mapping has to be made from the project ID’s of the dataset that will be uploaded and the projects in the application. By linking external project ID’s to the projects in the application, the right data will be interfaced to the right project. After opening the ‘Mapping external projects’ scr...
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