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With our service desk portal we can handle notifications (tickets) quickly. You can easily follow the status of your ticket, see all previous tickets and understand the response times. In addition, you will find relevant information such as FAQs, software manuals and releases on this portal. In short, everything is clearly organised in one place.

Recent articles

  • Release Notes
    Patch 3.0.7, released 2021-10-21 DescriptionImpacted areas Performance optimization when starting up a user session.  When user starts a session, all user roles are collected and allocated to the user. This process has been technically optimized in order to deal with multiple financial plans f...
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  • Hardware & Software Requirements Reaforce
    General Compatibility Matrix The table below shows relevant releases of Reasult products and their dependencies/demands regarding operating systems, databases, etc.        Reaforce Windows Server 2008R2 X   2012R2 V   2016 V   2019 V MS SQL-Serve...
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  • Release notes
    Release notes 14-04-2021: Undo/Redo: When you change something in a scenario, for example change a figure in the costs and revenues, you can now undo this action. There is a "Undo" and "Redo" button at the top right of the screen. You can also undo the last change by using...
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  • Cashflow
    Cashflow settings can be manageveed by clicking on 'Cashflow' in the Master data section.  Figure 1: Cashflow The screen consists of 2 panels; the financial structure on the left side and the details of a specific cashflow on the right side. The financial structure on the l...
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  • Goal seek
    Goal seek settings can be managed by clicking on 'Goal seek' in the Master data section. Figure 1: Goal seek setting In the application it is possible to perform a goal seek calculation. This calculation can ben done by goal seeking a profit percentage. In order to show the prof...
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  • Indexed costs & revenues
    Indexed costs & revenues settings can be managed by clicking on 'Indexed costs & revenues' in the Master data section. Figure 1: Indexed costs & revenues This screen allows you to set the default index series for any line in the financial structure. When a user activ...
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