Indexed costs & revenues settings can be managed by clicking on 'Indexed costs & revenues' in the Master data section.

Figure 1: Indexed costs & revenues

This screen allows you to set the default index series for any line in the financial structure. When a user activaties indexation, these defaults will be automatically filled in fields related to indexation.

On the left side of the screen, the financial structure is shown. A default can be set on all lowest lines of the structure. By double clicking on a row, the editable fields for that row are shown and you can modify as you like.
The second column shows the applicable index series for that line. You can pick any index series that has been created under the Index series screen in the Master data. If there are no default index series available, it only shows 'Not applicable'. This means that no default will be set for that line in case the user activates the indexation. 

The third column determines what the end date of the indexation will be. You can set this end date by picking any default activity or milestone that are available on the Planning screen in the Master data.

Indexed costs & revenues defaults are used on the following places in the application:

  • Whenever a user activates indexation on a financial element with a default indexation applicaple, the following fields will be filled (see fig. 2):
    • Start date: Will always be the reference date of the preset. If no preset is selected, the date of today is set.
    • End date: Shows the default date that is picked under the 'Indexed until' column.
    • Index series: Shows the default index series.

Figure 2: Indexation filled by defaults