How To

The shared drive app makes it possible to share files between colleagues. 

It is possible to save files here and modify them while maintaining a connection to the Reasult databases.

This makes it a suitable location for saving modified versions of R&A templates, storing this on the shared drive makes the report available for colleagues.

When saving files, you can choose the S: drive to store them on the shared drive. 

The files are then accessible from the "Shared Drive" App from the home page.

Below an example. In this example we will open a R&A report, modify it, and save the modified report on the shared drive

Detailed Example

Saving files

  1. Open the report from the regular "Reporting" module.
  2. Make the necessary modifications, in this example we will just enter some text:
  3. Save the file, make sure to save it on the S:\ drive:

Viewing/modifying files

  1. Open the "SharedDrive" App from the cloud portal:
    The App should be below announcements, as shown above

  2. From here you should be able to open files by double-clicking it

Downloading files

  1. Open the SharedDrive app as shown above
  2. Instead of opening the file, copy the file to your H: drive. This can easily be done by dragging the file:
  3. From there the file is available for regular download: