Release 3.1, released 2021-11-25

DescriptionImpacted areas
Profit & Loss and Balance sheet have been added to the financial statementsFinancial statements
Revenue & cost recognition on Enterprise, Entity and Project level have been added. In template the revenue & cost recognition methods can be defined. This setting defines how the cash flow "translates" into the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet statement.Financial statements
New reports on Financial Plan: Vertical analysis and Horizontal analysis. These reports show the relative mutual relationships between the Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss items.
New report on Financial Plan: Financial ratio analysis. KPI's on liquidity, solvency and profitability.Reports
New general report: Profit & Loss per Entity, Consolidated Profit & Loss, FP Comparison: Profit & Loss per Entity, FP Comparison: Consolidated Profit & Loss, Balance sheet per Entity, Consolidated Balance Sheet, FP Comparison: Balance Sheet per Entity, FP Comparison: Consolidated Balance Sheet. Reports
Filters on company levels have been added to the general report Ending balance delta Reports
Impact of base data on an entity has been changed so that after entity submit the entity will never be updated again with base data. Base data
Land projects have been added as source when creating a financial plan. This in addition to construction and building projects.Source data

Patch 3.0.7, released 2021-10-21

DescriptionImpacted areas

Performance optimization when starting up a user session. 

When user starts a session, all user roles are collected and allocated to the user. This process has been technically optimized in order to deal with multiple financial plans for a large number of entities.

Starting up software

Patch 3.0.6, released 2021-10-19

DescriptionImpacted areas

Show all Financial Plans on the homepage.

In the past, before being able to select a Financial Plan, the user had to select the appropriate year on the homepage. Now all Financial Plans are shown on the homepage, newest plans on top.


Loans principle repayments and interest calculation improvements.

- repayment and interest only in the month AFTER the principle receival

- improved accrued interest (last month accrued interest should be zero) and final payment calculation

Incoming and outgoing loans
Bugfix: Moving a cashflow category results in an exception.
In defining the default cashflow structure, when moving a general expense line up or down an error was appearing.
Base data - Cash flow structure 
Bugfix: Financial Plan for an entity can be submitted or approved when not all subsidiary plans are approved.
In the workflow of submitting plans it was possible to submit or approve a plan for an entity when there were still pending approvals for its subsidiaries
Workflow - submit and approve
Bugfix: Workflow status report is adjusted to show for all "owned" entities (meaning: entities in which a participation of 0-100% exists) Reports
Bugfix: Excel reports on cash flow double counted values that were imported through Excel Projects. This was related to cashflow level 3 values.
Within the financial plan, on the workflow tab make the "Show only entities that require action" unchecked by default
Workflow - screen

Patch 3.0.5, released 2021-06-15

DescriptionImpacted areas

Bugfix: When making changes to the enterprise structure, avoid redundant calculations.

Changes to the enterprise structure, like ownership shares, renaming or removing entities, were leading to many redundant calculations that heavily impacted performance

Enterprise structure

Bugfix: Interface from Reaforce to FP&A should include the correct start date of the project

In cases where the start and end date of the project originated in the same year the incorrect start date was interfaced from Reaforce to FP&A

Publication Reaforce and Import to FP&A

Patch 3.0.4, released 2021-06-10

DescriptionImpacted areas

Bugfix: When removing a manual adjustment, the start position of the manual adjustment group is not calculated correctly

Financial Statements - Manual adjustments

Patch 3.0.3, released 2021-06-08

DescriptionImpacted areas
Added share percentage field to pivots.
Added in FP comparison: ending balance consolidated and Ending balance consolidated pivots
Exclude P&L lines from cashflow statement if not applicable for customer.
When P&L is not active, exclude P&L lines from cashflow statement
Financial statements
Bugfix: Renaming an entity crashes the application. When renaming an entity in the enterprise structure, the server processing all data entry stops execution
Enterprise structure

Patch 3.0.2, released 2021-06-01

DescriptionImpacted areas

Bugfix: in some parallel creation or editing situations, financial statement rows are incorrect.

When two users add simultaneously an opening balance or a loan on two contributors of an entity the cashflow will not show correct information due to the fact that the hierarchical ID of these contributors are the same.

In case of loans, rows are not calculated correctly

Financial statements

Bugfix: When updating a manual adjustment value, the modified value is not accepted. New values are stored correctly

Manual adjustments

Patch 3.0.1, released 2021-05-25

DescriptionImpacted areas

Bugfix: When displaying the Financial Statement in combination with participants on the same and a lower level, entities are not correctly shown

Financial statements
Bugfix: Start positions are not correctly saved and only visible in consolidated viewManual adjustments
Bugfix: Removing an Excel category on a large dataset causes an exceptionExcel imports and Excel cashflow settings

Release 3.0, released 2021-05-19

DescriptionImpacted areas
New report: Ending balance delta.
Report to explain the difference in ending balance between two plans
Option to show subsidiary details in Financial Statements.
User setting on Financial Statements screen to show / hide subsidiary details (in blue)
Financial statements
Hide zero lines in Financials Statements.
All detail lines with no values are hidden in the Financial Statements overview. This does not apply total or group lines
Financial statements
Reaforce projects drill through report.
More drill through details on Reaforce projects in a report launched from financial statements
Financial statements
Show consolidated statements for parent entities, including underlying subsidiaries details.
In the financial statements - consolidated view, show how consolidated figures are composed from the currently selected entity and its underlying entities
Financial statements
Import Excel projects for different categories, each with its own cashflow structure
Source data, financial statements and related reports
In the Excel pivots, the cashflow levels are now shown as separate columns by default
All pivots
Support for P&L as an optional component
Profit & Loss
Support for BS as an optional component
Balance Sheet
Corporate Income Tax payment schedule.
Define a payment schedule for the corporate income tax (calculated within P&L) and include this in the cashflow
Profit & Loss