Your project's construction programme reflects all objects that will be developed. You can use presets to quickly create an initial programme and continue to organize objects to create a project structure that suits your project best. Each scenario has its own construction programme.

Figure 1: A filled construction programme

Note: By clicking single object values, a panel will slide in from the right and automatically directs you to the selected field to edit. Totals are not editable.

  1. Add object button
    Click this button to add an object to your programme. A panel slides in from the right side of the screen.

  2. The following characteristics are shown in the table with all objects:
    - Asset type
    - Gross m² per unit
    - Grossing factor
    - Net m² per unit
    - Height (m)
    - Gross m³ per unit
    - Total gross m² (also shown on groups)
    - Total net m² (also shown on groups)
    - Total volume m³ (also shown on groups)

  3. Total amount of scenario
    The total amount of all objects combined is shown on the grey row.

  4. Actions
    A bar with actions appears at the bottom of the screen when selecting one or multiple objects.

    Possible actions:
    - Create group
    - Ungroup
    - Move to group
    - Duplicate
    - Move up
    - Move down
    - Delete