A single project is on the second level of the application structure. It has other side menu options than the portfolio page because it's on a different level. A project consists of one or multiple scenarios. The list of scenarios acts as the home page of the project. 

Figure 1: A single project

  1. Within a project you can navigate to:
    Back to portfolio: go back to the start of the application
    Project overview: a list of all scenarios within the project
    Compare scenarios: at least two scenarios are required for this feature. Learn more about Comparing scenarios here.
    Project details: metadata of the project can be edited here at all times.

  2. Add new scenarios
    Click on the 'New scenario' button to add a new scenario to the project. A new row gets added, fill in a scenario name and get started.

  3. The list of scenarios has the following characteristics:
    Name, last modified, IRR (Internal Rate of Return), profit and investment expenses.

  4. The following actions are possible:
    Edit: rename a scenario
    Set as master: in each project one scenario is required to set as master. This is your leading scenario. By clicking on a project in your portfolio, it will lead you to this scenario. There can only be one master scenario within a project.
    Duplicate: scenarios can be duplicated and can be recognised by the text '(copy)' after each duplication.
    Delete: scenarios can be deleted. Keep in mind that deleted scenarios cannot be restored.