Adding objects

An empty construction programme is shown when no objects have been added yet (fig. 1). 

You can add objects by clicking the 'add object' button. A panel on the right side of the screen will open. First select an object type from the list. These types reflect the asset categories and types used within your company and can be managed in Settings > Master data (see Master data). 

After selecting a type, you can pick a preset (optional). By picking a preset all fields within the panel will be filled with default values. It will also automatically fill the costs & revenue related to that preset. This allows users to quickly create a first estimate of the project's financials. Whether you pick a preset or not, the following characteristics can be defined:

  • Object name
  • Number of units
  • Gross m² per unit
  • Grossing factor
  • Net m² per unit
  • Height (m)
  • Gross m³ per unit

By default new objects are being added to the scenario, but it's also possible to assign a new object directly to existing groups.

Figure 1: Empty construction programme

Figure 2: Add object panel


Organising objects

A bar with actions (fig. 3) appears at the bottom of the screen when selecting one or multiple objects. Depending on the selection the following actions are available:

  • Create group
    When multiple individual object are selected, you can group them. Click on create group and enter a group name. Renaming groups is possible.

  • Ungroup
    When one or more groups are selected, you can ungroup. All objects within the groups will be moved to one level higher in the structure.

  • Move to group
    When one or more objects are selected, you can move them to another existing group.

  • Duplicate
    The selected object can be duplicated and will be stored in the same current group.

  • Move up
    Moves the selected object up one position within its group.

  • Move down
    Moves the selected object down one position within its group.

  • Delete
    The selected object(s) will be deleted. Confirmation of this action is required before permanently deleting objects.

Figure 3: Action bar