A planning can be created for each scenario. Once the planning has been created, it counts as a planning for the entire scenario (including all objects). However, the level of detail of your planning is for you to decide. The cash flow planning can be linked to the planning dates as well as the indexation of the costs & revenues. This way your cash flow stays in sync whenever you change something in your planning.

Figure 1: A filled planning screen

  1. Project structure
    The left panel shows the project structure. All objects you've added to the construction programme will be shown here. Navigate through this structure to see detailed plannings per object (groups).

  2. Selection
    The right table shows the corresponding selection of an object or group. A planning can contain activities and milestones. The following columns are shown:
    - Planning
    - Type (activity or milestone)
    - Start date
    - Duration (days, weeks, months, years)
    - End date