In addition to editing figures of individual objects, you can also edit the total figure of a group or even your entire project. When clicking on the total of any lowest line, a slide-in will be opened on the right side of the screen. 

This slide-in allows for two ways of editing the figures or all objects:

  1. Edit the total amount and distribute it over the objects
  2. Edit all calculations of individual objects at once

Distribute the total amount

When clicking on a total amount in the total column, a panel opens from the right side with the 'Distribute total' tab selected (fig. 1).

You can enter the desired total amount in the ‘Amount’ field and you can select a way of distribute through the ‘Distribution method’ picklist. Now all total amounts of each individual object will be adjusted according to the selected distribution method. The table show a preview of the distribution immediately after entering an amount of picking a distribution method.

When you enter this slide-in, the distribution method will always be set to ‘Current ratio‘. This ratio is based on the total amounts of all individual objects, relative to the total of all selected objects. For example, when you double the amount, the total amounts of all individual objects will be doubled too.

It is also possible to lock the total amount. You can lock an amount, by checking the box in front of ‘Lock amount’. When you save the slide-in, you will notice that you cannot edit the costs of the individual objects anymore. In addition, when you perform a goal seek action, the locked costs will never change preventing any unintentional changes of these figures. When you go back to the slide-in, you can unlock by unchecking the checkbox. Learn more about Locked costs.

Figure 1: Distribute total panel

Editing calculations of all objects

Besides distributing an amount over the objects, it is also possible to edit all calculations per object at once. When you click on the tab ‘calculate per object’, you can enter and amount and calculation method (fig. 2). Pressing the ‘Apply to all’ button, applies that amount and calculation method to all objects. The grid below shows a preview of all selected amounts and calculation methods per object.

If you want to, you can further specify the inputs in the grid. 

When you save this slide-in, all the amounts and calculation methods in the grid will be applied to each object. This allows you to quickly edit all underlying calculation of each object.

Figure 2: Calculate per object panel