Scenarios are on the third and lowest level of the application structure. When entering a scenario, the first thing you'll see is a dashboard (fig .1). The most important data of your scenario is visualised on this dashboard and will be updated automatically when you have edited something in your scenario.

The following pages can be found within a scenario:

  • Scenario dashboard
  • Construction programme
  • Planning
  • Financials:
    • Costs & revenues
    • Cash flow planning
  • Scenario settings:
    • Scenario details
    • VAT settings
    • Indexation

The dashboard shows a summary of these pages and each tile is connected to one of these pages. Clicking on the title of a tile will lead you to the corresponding page.

Figure 1: Scenario overview (dashboard)

  1. Side menu options within a scenario
  2. The tiles Investment costs, Revenue, Profit and IRR will lead you to Costs & revenues
  3. Cash flow planning tile shows a graph of the cumulative cash flow over time
  4. Planning tile shows current and upcoming activities and / or milestones
  5. Construction programme tile shows a summary of units, gross m², and net m² of all categories within the scenario
  6. Scenario details tile shows the description