Through Application settings - User data - Users, the application users can be managed.

Figure 1: Users

The screen shows an overview of all users of the application in a grid. By default only active users are listed. 

By clicking on the checkbox "Show inactive users", also the inactive users will be listed. The column Active in the grid indicated whether a user is an active or inactive user. 

It is possible to add a user by clicking the Add user button. A new line is created in the grid after which the following data needs to be entered for the new user:

  1. Username: Account of user, used to login to the system
  2. First name: First name of the user
  3. Last name: Last name of the user
  4. Email: Email address of user

Once these fields are filled, you can add the user by clicking on the orange check icon at the end of the row. Now the user shows up in the grid.

By clicking the checkbox in front of a user in the grid, an action bar will pop-up at the bottom of the screen. Through this action bar, you can delete a user from the list. This user then no longer has access to the application.

Note that user management functions are mostly limited to the administrator.