The Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) application is a web-based application that is started from your browser. The application is accessible as a user with the right credentials (username, password) and the right user role. The user account should be a valid Microsoft account. 


When opening FP&A the home screen is shown (see picture below). 

Example -  Screen: FP&A Home screen

The home screen contains the following elements:

  1. Application header
     In the header the application name is shown.
  2. User profile
     On the right side of the application header, user profile settings like language-, number-  and date formats can be changed. You can also indicate here whether whole numbers or thousands should be shown on the screens in the financial statements. In addition, the user name, Help and About information is found in this menu. Lastly, the user can logout using the user profile menu. 
  3. Navigation panel
    The navigation panel on the left of the screen enables a single click jump to various sections of the application. The selected section is indicated with an orange marker.
    The navigation panel is expandable or collapsible by clicking the arrows , or by using the <F4> key.
  4. Screen name and Entity
     In the upper area the screen name and bread crumb is shown. The bread crumb (not visible on the home screen) enables navigation within a section to the relevant screen.Also the name of the selected Entity is shown. All data on the screen relates to the selected entity. The user can switch Entity by clicking on the Entity name and then select another Entity.
  5. Main application area. The light parts of the screen show relevant application data and functionalities.
  6. Financial Plans. In this section all data is entered and shown for the selected Financial Plan. 
  7. Base Data. In the section Base Data all data applicable to all open and future Financial Plans is stored. 
  8. Tasks. This section shows all relevant tasks for the current user.
  9. Reports - generic. The Reports section shows all generic application reports. Reports that pertain to a specific Financial Plan can be found in the Financial Plan section.