When opening the application you'll enter the portfolio page. This is where all projects are stored. On this page you can create new projects, view projects as tiles or a list or navigate to a master scenario by clicking on a project.

Your portfolio can have multiple projects and a project can have multiple scenarios. The general structure of the application is as follows:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Project
  3. Scenario

This layered structure makes it possible to have different features and pages on each level. So actions differ depending on which level you are within the application. Support and application settings are accessible on every level.

Figure 1: Portfolio & general application overview

  1. Application header
    The application title is shown on the left. User profile settings are on the right side of the header. Settings like language and date formats can be changed here. In addition, the user name and about information is found in this menu. Lastly, the user can logout using the user profile menu.

  2. Side menu
    The left side menu is the main way to navigate through the application. The options in the menu vary depending on which level of the application you're on (context sensitive). The arrows at the bottom of the menu allow users to collapse or expand the menu to icons only. Another option is to hold and drag the desired width, manually.

  3. Page header
    The white header shows the breadcrumb and title of the selected page. Main functionalities of pages are placed on the right of this header. Depending on which page you're on, functionalities may vary and where it's needed, a button for extra information will be available.

  4. Secondary functionalities
    Secondary functionalities are placed under the page header. For example, this area is reserved for different view options, paging and other extra options.

  5. Content
    Page content is shown in this area. In this case three projects are shown. Each project contains an image, title, last modified date and the master scenario. Clicking on a project leads you to the master scenario.

  6. Support
    On the support page you'll be able to open the Reasult Projects manual, request a personal demo of the application or start a quick tour.

  7. Settings
    These settings are applied throughout the entire application. All master data, user data and system settings are being managed here. When entering the application for the first time, default data is added in advance. Some data can be specified per scenario.