All costs & revenues of your project are found in this section. It presents an overview of all costs & revenues of individual objects and your total project.

Figure 1: Overview of all costs & revenues

  1. Buttons
    Filter: this feature offers a filtered view of only categories or selection of objects and/or groups (see Filtering objects).

    Settings: a few specific options that apply to the table (e.g. number of objects shown, setting key performance indicators) (see C&R settings).

    Goal seek: use goal seeking if you have a specific profit in mind and let the system recalculate for you (see Goal seek).

  2. Paging
    When there are a lot of objects, go through them by using the pages.

  3. Financial structure column
    All cost lines are placed in the first column. It's divided in three main components; total costs, total revenues and profit and contains multiple groups and sub groups. The nested structure is visually enhanced by using different shades of grey.

    This financial structure is used in all other projects as well. Use the arrows in the header to expand or collapse all groups to drill down to the lowest cost lines at once. Manually expanding or collapsing a group is also possible by using the arrows in de table.

  4. Total amount column
    The second column represents a total of the costs & revenues. By default it will show all your objects, but you can filter a specific group or any other selection of objects (see Filtering objects). If you do filter, the total column will be recalculated based on your selection. The amount of objects that's been filtered will be shown in the header.

  5. Objects
    The other columns represent individual objects. The header shows the group in which the object is located, the name of the object and a dropdown for showing the data in a certain way. Per object you can view the total amount, amounts per unit, per gross m² or per net m².

  6. Edit total amounts
    Only lowest levels of total amounts are editable. Click on a cell to edit. Learn more about editing total amounts here.

  7. Edit figures of individual objects
    Click on any cell of an object to edit amounts. Learn more about it editing figures of individual objects here

*Note: group totals are not editable.