When there are at least two scenarios within a project it's possible to compare scenarios with each other. Key figures are being held next to each other. With this feature you'll be able to get a clear overview of the most important data, compare and analyse to which scenario is best to continue with.

Figure 1 shows what you'll see when entering the compare page for the first time. Key figures are shown in the first column. The second column represents the base scenario which equals to a starting point, meaning all comparisons will be compared to this scenario.

First select a base scenario, then select a scenario to compare with. You'll see data appear of the selected comparison (fig. 2). To see differences between the scenarios check the 'Show differences' box (fig. 3). To add a comparison simply click the 'Add comparison' button on the top right, a column will be added. You can make as many comparisons as you want. To delete a comparison, click on the sub menu and click 'Delete' (fig. 4).

Figure 1: Compare scenarios default

Figure 2: Comparison selected

Figure 3: Differences

Figure 4: Add comparison

Figure 4: Delete comparison