VAT settings can be managed by clicking on 'VAT' in the Master data section.

Figure 1: VAT settings

This screen shows a column with the financial structure and a column for the VAT percentage. The VAT percentages can be determined on the lowest levels of the financial structure. You can edit the VAT percentages by clicking on the actual percentages. A pop-up will open in which you can enter the desired VAT percentage (see fig. 2). 

It is possible to apply the entered percentage to all lines in the grid. To do this, check the box in front of 'Apply VAT percentage to all'. Now save the pop-up and the entered percentage will be copied to all lines in the grid.

Figure 2: Editing VAT settings


VAT settings are used on the following places in the application:

  • Whenever a user creates a new scenario, these VAT percentages will be copied to the VAT settings of the scenario.